Private Tuition with The Diva Academy of Arts


Dance Tuition (all schools)

Private dance lessons give the student the opportunity to improve their rhythm and timing, co-ordination, balance and flexibility.
The lessons will also incorporate different styles of dance from modern and jazz to street and lindy hop.
Focused one to one tuition will undoubtedly speed up your child’s progress to becoming a top performer, a progress that would take much longer in a group taught session.


Singing Tuition (all Schools)

Private singing lessons are taught by our vocal coach Emma L Williams. She will carefully plan for each individual helping students to gain confidence and further their training.
These lessons are also a great opportunity to prepare for an audition.



Pupils can be taught on a one to one basis or in small groups of up to 4 people.

Private 30min lesson - £20
Private 1hr lesson - £36
6 Private 30min lessons, alternate weeks -£96
6 Private 1hr lessons, alternate weeks - £144

To book your private lessons contact The Academy of Arts

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